10 Quick & Easy Plus-Size Pregnant Halloween Outfits

Well, it’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas! That’s ages away yet. Trust me. AGES.

Time to start thinking about your Halloween fancy dress!

But what if you’ve got a bump to accessorise?

Here’s 10 quick(ish) DIY Halloween Costumes you could pull together and steal the show.

Halloween Costume 20151. Zombie Fetus

If you’ve been complaining lately that the baby has taken over your body, then what better way to celebrate than with a zombie bump!

Materials needed: T-shirt/Top, Fake Blood, and a creepy baby doll

Difficulty level: Easy

2. Skeleton Family21 Genius And Strange Pregnancy Halloween Costumes.:

What’s more adorable than a family of skeletons? Even better if it’s how you’re announcing your pregnancy! And I love how the guy has his own version. You could get kids in on the act with whatever they like to eat on their tummies.

If you didn’t want to paint on a t-shirt, you could make the bones out of paper/plastic and pin them on (fold in half before you cut them out to get identical pairs/symmetrical bones). Creating a skeleton looks tricky, but is surprisingly easy.

Materials needed: T-shirt/Top, white paint/paper or plastic

Difficulty level: Pretty Easy

DIY Pregnant Halloween costume3. X-Ray & Radiographer

Here’s a twist on the skeleton costume above – you don’t need to be a family of skeletons, your other half can be the radiographer instead!

Especially good if your husband/partner/significant other is actually a medical professional!

Materials needed: T-shirt/Top, white paint/paper or plastic, Hospital Scrubs

Difficulty level: Pretty EasyThe Best Halloween Costumes for Pregnant Ladies.:

4. Death Star Bump

You may feel like Jabba the Hut at times, but that’s not to say you can’t rule the galaxy and strike fear into people’s hearts?

Materials needed: Grey T-shirt/Top, Grey paint  (3D paint would look awesome), Millennium Falcon or Tie Fighter model.

Difficulty level: Moderate – extra points if you can fashion some sort of headgear from which to dangle the spacecraft of your choosing.

Here's another easy, homemade Halloween costume idea. Pizza (the preferred food of the TMNTs) not required—but definitely encouraged. (via FitPregnancy.com) #pregnant #halloween #costume:

5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Bump

Are you craving pizza?

This could be the costume for you!

Materials needed: Green T-shirt/Top, Black marker pen, sticky-back felt.

Difficulty level: Ridiculously Easy


6. Angry Bird

Feeling grumpy? Someone stolen your eggs?

DIY pregnant costume

(if you could convince your other half to dress as a green pig you’ve got the whole package!)

Materials needed: Red T-shirt/Top or Bump Band, Black marker pen, sticky-back felt in black, white, and cream, yellow card.

Difficulty level: Moderate

7. Solar System

If people don’t yet think that the world revolves around you, they will after this! Homemade pregnant costumes

Get your partner/child to dress as an astronomer to complete the look (they’ve gone for Galileo here, but you could equally go for modern geek instead.

Materials needed: Blue/Black T-shirt/Top, Fabric paint  (3D paint would look awesome), Assorted sized balls.

Difficulty: Tricky. Depends how accurate you want to go with painting/covering the planets (and let’s not get pedantic about the relative size of the planets).

8. SnoopyPregnant Halloween costume ideas www.youmeandthebump.com:

Everyone’s favourite beagle. C’mon. Who couldn’t make this?

If your fella is balding, he’d make a great Charlie Brown, all you need is a yellow shirt decorated with a zig-zag, and if you’ve got any kids, why not turn them into Woodstock?

Materials needed: T-shirt/Top, Black marker pen.

Difficulty level: Ridiculously Easy

9. 8-Ball

Or any other pool ball for that matter, 8 is just easy to make and easily recognisable. If you wanted to go for more colour a brightly coloured belly band would be a creative way to make a striped ball.

Materials needed: Black Outfit, Circle of white paper, Black marker pen. Double-sided tape or glue.

Difficulty level: Ridiculously Easy

10. Wilson (the ball from Castaway)Halloween Costume 2015 02

Fed up with people wanting to touch your bump? Then maybe don’t wear this one, it is pretty much inviting physical contact…

But if you don’t mind, and especially if you have a chap who can pull off ‘bedraggled shipwreck survivor’ this is a nice easy one.

Materials needed: White T-shirt/Top, Brown Paper, Headband, Red Fabric Paint or Marker Pen.

Whatever you choose, whatever your time or budgetary constraints, you can totally pull off a great costume when pregnant, you most certainly don’t have to fade into the background or go as a homicidal maniac.

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