Welcome, Kirsten! Glad to help. X …

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Welcome, Kirsten! Glad to help. X

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About Big Birtha
Hi Catherine, if you read through some pages you’ll see that I don’t use just one term.
I say ‘bigger’, ‘larger’, ‘obese’, ‘plus-size’, ‘overweight’ and yes, even ‘fat’. What’s your point?

A rose by any other name…

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Thanks Laura! Good tip

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It’s a pleasure to help, Lauren!

Dorothy Perkins Plus Size Maternity!
Thanks Kathryn!

Plus-Size Maternity Clothes
Thanks Laura! Yours used to do plus size maternity, but stopped. Glad to hear they’re selling it again!

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Thanks Chloe, I’ve passed your details on to Just Maternity Jeans, they should be in touch soon!