Wow, that is completely out of order. It’s one of …

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Wow, that is completely out of order. It’s one of the many things consultants have been known to say when trying to tell people they can’t have a home birth and is EXACTLY the sort of behaviour by medical professionals which led to the development of this site.

If your husband were intending to ‘act as a midwife’ then yes, he would be breaking the law, but you would be expecting to be attended by midwives, your husband would be in a perfectly legal supporting role. This page is really helpful:

I also found the support group on yahoo: really useful source of information and support when I was planning my ‘home birth against medical advice’, and ultimately, the information I got there led me to transfer my care to a different team of midwives who were great. I will pose your quandary there to see what the very wise women can suggest…

Personally, my first step would be to request to be seen by a different consultant; one who doesn’t feel the need to lie and threaten rather than discuss the issues rationally…

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