Let’s talk babywearing!

Baby wearing

A query from Holly:

“I’m finding the close carrier isn’t ideal now that bub is a toddler. You’re not meant to have them on your back in it, but that’s where she likes it best!


I really like the look of toddler connecta’s as too busy to tie slings I think (or too impatient to learn, lol). Anyway, I really can’t tell if they will fit me being plus size. Any ideas?”

So, over to the collective knowledge of you Big Birthas out there!

What slings have you tried/liked/loved?

Please add your comments (and feel free to add links to illustrate the carriers you’re talking about!) and lets see if we can help Holly out!

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7 thoughts on “Let’s talk babywearing!

  1. Thank you for your responses! I think I’m going to attend a sling meet to try and explore my options!

    Thanks again 🙂 x

  2. Can you get down to a local sling meet/library? you should be able to try a few things on there to see what works best. I am a size 22-24 and I have no problems with the connecta fitting. I do up the waist strap right under my boobs so baby is nice and high on my back, and as that is the smallest part of your midsection, I have tons of strap left over 🙂

  3. Hi, I have a toddler connecta and I’m a size 18/20 and it fits me just fine. I have also been bigger at around size 26 and all my standard size slings fit me i.e Rose and rebellion, Close parent, Cherry Berry Baby and funky slings. My favourite is definitely my custom Cherry Berry Baby (it’s the red apple one on her FB cover photo) If you’re using a woven wrap you will need to buy a size 7 or 8 in order to be able to do all the different carries

  4. im plus size, a 24 on top and use a rose and rebellion inbetween size carrier. I emailed them to order and was also going to order the waist extender belt, but they emailed back and said as it was made to order they could just make the waist size bigger and what size did I need it to go up to. im just getting into wrapping and have bought a couple of size 7 wraps, but im going to book a consultation with my local sling consultant so I can learn properly. if there is a sling library in your area go to that and have a play and see what suits you before buying something that might not work for you.

  5. I’ve got a Mai Tai I got from Amazon, long straps. no problems at all.

    a woven size 7 I can do some carries but not others. im gonna order an 8.

  6. I’ve no experience yet! But I’m really interested to hear thoughts, I’d also love to hear more about the plus size baby wearing experience!