University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (Leicester General Hospital, Leicester; Leicester Royal Infirmary, Leicester; Glenfield Hospital, Leicester)

Leicester General Hospital,

Gwendolen Road, Leicester, England, LE5 4PW

Tel: 0116 249 0490

Leicester Royal Infirmary,

Infirmary Square, Leicester, England, LE1 5WW

Tel: 0116 254 1414

Glenfield Hospital,

Groby Road, Leicester, England, LE3 9QP

Tel: 0116 287 1471

Of women seen in the last year for which they have data;

13039 women had a BMI 30-34.9 out of 51228 = 25%

  8291 women had a BMI 35+       out of 51228 = 16%

Please forgive me that I haven’t got round to analysing this Trust’s policies in full as yet. I hope to get round to it soon.

I figure that people might want the policy information as soon as it’s available, so have taken the decision to upload without commentary first, then go back and analyse them later. (there are quite a lot for me to get through!)


Big Birtha

Policies current as of February 2013:

Copy Of Bookings BMI WardParityGravida 2006-11University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust53.3 KiB
Diabetes%20in%20pregnancyUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust175.5 KiB
Intrapartum%20Care%20Healthy%20Women%20and%20Their%20BabiesUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust128.2 KiB
Obesity%20in%20Pregnancy%20Labour%20and%20the%20PueperiumUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust107.1 KiB
Thromboprophylaxis%20in%20pregnancy,%20labour%20and%20after%20vaginal%20deliveryUniversity Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust71.2 KiB
Water%20for%20labour%20and%20birth%20(UHL%20Guidelines)University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust340.3 KiB

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