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Haqha I hear you!

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Bigger Breastfeeding – Behind the Statistics
My son wouldnt latch on and I was told this was probably because I was too big and he was too small. I visted an NHS breast feeding clinic who tried to help (after making uncomftable remarks about my boobs) but was then told, “it just doesn’t work for some people”. To this day its the biggest regret I have about my sons early life (I expressed until 4 weeks).
I fully inended to feed him, but I think the negativity I met, made what was so hard, even harder. This is a very interesting piece.

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At last! Good news! A study on LOW RISK obese mums!
This is so, so refreashing to read. I myself was an “at risk” mother, partly due to my high BMI and was constantly told I’d have a big baby and diabetes and blah blah blah. None of that came to pass. I did develop PIH at the very end, so I asked for an induction. A section for a 6lb 6oz baby seems a little over kill, but I was just desparate to get out of the hospital.
When I pointed out to the midwife after the birth how healthy I’d been throughout the pregnancy, all she could say is that it quite often happens that women with high BMI, might “get away with it” once, but any more children and I’d be sure to develop all the rubbish I didn’t the first time.
So this is really interesting to read. Thank you!