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Bigger Breastfeeding – Behind the Statistics
I know! Breastfeeding isn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination. It takes patience and perseverance and support from those around you, but by making out that we’re going to have an especially hard time I wonder how many women are put off from even trying! We had some early issues, some latch errors, a bout of mastitis, but I fed both my children past 17 months. I also donated 40+ litres to the milk bank for premature babies. They were delighted with the quality of my milk!

I know plenty of big-breasted women who’ve had a positive attitude about breastfeeding and have been just fine. I’m sure half of it is down to confidence and tenacity, because I also know of anxious ‘normal’ breasted women who’ve struggled… they thought they’d struggle and they did. Makes you wonder. I found Google, YouTube and KellyMom to be my most useful resources, not the NHS, unfortunately.

I do intend to get around to a breastfeeding clothes page. Really. Still waiting for that 30 hr day to materialise! I had some non-maternity cross fronted tops that did me throughout – though after nearly 4 years of breastfeeds they got a bit out of shape. Other mums swear by the ‘two tops’ method – just wear a vest top underneath whatever top you actually want to wear, pull the vest top down and the outer top up (not so tempting in the really hot weather we’re having now, though!)

Good luck with getting out and about – it’s much easier to manage a tiny one when you’re getting out and doing things, honestly, even though it seems like it takes military planning to get anywhere the first few times, it gets easier, and they sleep so much better and more reliably if they’ve been out!

I fed anywhere and everywhere, even as they got over a year, and never had a problem with anyone making any comment. Mind you, I was ready for them if they had – almost disappointed I never got to give my lioness roar! xx

Bigger Breastfeeding – Behind the Statistics
Aw, It’s such a shame that you were let down by the very people supposed to support you, and that you now have regrets. It sounds like you got really rubbish advice and no support, no wonder you weren’t able to make it work! Well done you for expressing for 4 weeks, though, that’s tough, and a huge commitment to your little lad.
I wouldn’t knock anyone for making an informed choice to formula feed, but when you don’t get the help you need and are forced into making a choice you don’t want to – that’s just not fair.
I’m planning on writing a page on breastfeeding tips for the big-boobed, just as soon as someone invents that 30hr day I need to get around to it!

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Hi Catherine, if you read through some pages you’ll see that I don’t use just one term.
I say ‘bigger’, ‘larger’, ‘obese’, ‘plus-size’, ‘overweight’ and yes, even ‘fat’. What’s your point?

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