On this page you will find links to all the guideline documents I have used while writing for this site.

Official Guidelines:

Anaesthesia for the Obese PatientThe Society for Obesity and Bariatric Anaesthesia431.7 KiB
BETTER BIRTHS Improving outcomes of maternity services in EnglandNHS England3.6 MiB
Diabetes in PregnancyNICE2.5 MiB
Diabetes in PregnancyNICE275.8 KiB
Green-top Guideline No. 42: Shoulder DystociaRCOG705.5 KiB
Immersion in Water During Labour and BirthRCOG257.3 KiB
Improving the nutrition of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and children in low-income householdsNICE544.3 KiB
Intrapartum care: Care of healthy women and their babies during childbirthNICE407.6 KiB
Joint statement No.2 : Home BirthRoyal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists/Royal College of Midwives83.2 KiB
Management of Women with Obesity in PregnancyRCOG1.0 MiB
Obesity: guidance on the prevention, identification, assessment and managementNICE1.5 MiB
Routine antenatal care for the healthy pregnant womanNICE7.0 MiB
Weight management before, during and after pregnancyNICE257.2 KiB